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Sustainable Seafood 101

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Chef Bryan Szeliga

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania chef_bryan_szeliga

Bryan is currently devoting his free time and energy to promote a better understanding of sustainable seafood.  Bryan is currently writing a series of Sustainable Seafood 101  articles for CHEFnews.

His long-term goal is to open a casual sustainable seafood restaurant that will be a platform to bring attention to environmental issues specifically related to seafood.

Bryan is an avid fly fisherman and salmon conservationist, and has a strong interest in how eating habits affect humans, the environment, the food supply chain, and general nutrition.


He believes in using the best possible ingredients with the best possible techniques.

“By paying exact attention to details and using first-rate execution, a seemly simple preparation results in a fresh and flavorful final product,” says Bryan.

Bryan emphasizes being environmentally responsible in sourcing food products.  He works hard to make thoughtful and educated decisions about the products used.  For example, he uses domesticated hearts of palm. The plant can regenerate and live after harvest, and thus is a responsible food choice.  He sources local artisan beef from ranchers who raise beef without hormones and in a stress free environment.  His pork products come from the first sustainable hog operation in the US to earn Food Alliance Certification which occurred in 2007.

Bryan goes the extra mile to support the long-term health of salmon by using products that are Salmon-Safe certified.  Bryan believes that serving and consuming seafood is a privilege.


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“One of my core values is to respect seafood of fresh and salt water origin. When it comes to WILD salmon, I only serve the truly wild Bristol Bay sockeye salmon or salmon harvested by Native Americans who use traditional fishing methods such as dip net or gill net. To me this is another example of a “responsible” choice." 


He is a proud supporter of the following conservation organizations: 

Trout Unlimited  works for conservation, protection and restoration of North America’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds ensuring that future generations can enjoy fish in clean waters.

Salmon-Safe works to restore and preserve agricultural and urban watersheds to allow Pacific salmon to thrive and spawn in West Coast watersheds.

Wild Salmon Center’s  mission is to identify, understand and protect the best wild salmon ecosystems of the Pacific Rim.

About Bryan

He has a Culinary Arts diploma from Western Culinary Institute in Portland OR, and has completed course work in Nutrition.  He has worked at Portland restaurants such as Fenouil and The Original.  He has also  worked under James Beard Award winning Chef Vitaly Paley at Paley’s Place and James Beard Rising Star award winning Chef Gabriel Rucker at Little Bird Bistro.  His travels to Paris, Morocco, and the Andalucian region in Spain have heavily influenced his take on Regional Cuisine.