Blue Crab Dip


blue_crabs_bigstockphoto200x267Chef Bryan Szeliga


1 Pound    Picked Lump Blue Crab

2 T           Fresh chopped parsley

2 T           Red onion, small dice, soaked in ice water  




Note:  Soaking the onion in ice water for 3 minutes removes the bitterness of the onion. Discard the ice water after soaking.


Harissa Aioli

2 T            Harrissa Paste        Harissa Paste 8.0 Oz By Zamouri Spices

1/2 T         Dijon mustard

3 Cloves    Garlic

1/2 T         Salt

2              Egg yolks

1 C          Grape seed oil

1              Lemon

Note:  Harissa Paste is a blend of chili peppers and spices



- Place Dijon mustard in a mixing bowl.

- Zest lemon and add to mixing bowl.

- Juice lemon and reserve liquid.

- Mince garlic with knife.  Add salt to minced garlic, then press and rub salt and garlic between the cutting board and metal spatula or side of knife until paste is formed.

- Add paste to the mixing bowl.

-Add egg yolks to mixing bowl and whisk for about 1 minute until completely combined.

-While whisking slowly add in grape seed oil.  Stop adding oil and/or continue whisking if needed to allow oil to emulsify with egg mixture.

- After 1/2 cup of oil has been added, whisk in the Harissa paste.

- Then slowly add in the remaining grape seed oil.

- Finish by whisking in the lemon juice.

Note: Just add lemon juice until Aioli is consistency of mayonnaise.  

- Combine the picked crab, parsley, red onion, and Aioli. Mix well.

- Serve on top of crackers or in a baguette as a sandwich.